Association of US Military Veterans - AoUSMV

The Association of US Military Veterans or AoUSMV for short, is an organization dedicated to assisting veterans and their families in targeting jobs that meet the skills they have used in the past and helping them pull hidden skills out of their past careers to become better candidates and leaders in future employment searches. 

Then AoUSMV does this by helping provide resources to help review resumes, using our networking bandwidth getting veterans to actual recruiters to help them in their employment search.  The AoUSMV also works with local communities that have space but no budget to get PC equipment to open Veteran Resource Centers to assist them in their job search.

For more information on what the Association of US Military Veterans can do for you please see our “Contact” page and drop us a note and see how we can partner with you to support our veterans!

The AoUSMV Mission:

Supporting veterans who have, are transitioning from, or are thinking of transitioning from military to civilian life; providing guidance and assistance to "Enhance the Living of our Vets!"